Get Your Upwork Profile Approved

As freelancer sites grow more popular day by day, they’re becoming more selective with who can apply for jobs. They don’t approve new accounts until your profile makes sure that you are perfect for the job.

So today, I’m going to share some tricks with you which increase your profile’s chances of being approved.

Before start, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Upwork rejection policy is a good thing.

Because Upwork is a top-ranked freelancing website, so everyone wants to make an account even if they haven’t basic skills in their field. Having a selection process means that when a profile gets approved, your account will be more valuable.

2. How Upwork reject profile?

Upwork uses different algorithms based on specific criteria to determine which profile shows up corresponding to the user’s search, and in what order. So Upwork has to select profiles that can fulfill the user requirement.

3. What If Upwork rejects your account?

Even if your profile is rejected, you can make some changes and resubmit your request for approval. So try try again until you succeed.

Here are some tricks for getting your Upwork profile approved. After applying these settings, I guarantee you that your profile will be approved.

1) Go To Settings and re-enter your password.

2) In Contact info, Change time zone to Islamabad, Karachi (For Pakistanis), or your country zone.
3) Go To Profile Settings, Change Your Profile visibility to Public.
4) Change Project preference for both short and long term.
5) Change Experience level to Entry Level.

6) Delete your previous entered categories and select these categories. (Mobile Development, other Software Development, Game Development). Save these categories.
7) Go To My Profile (Under User Setting), Enter the title (Mobile Development) and also enter some description.
8) Change your Hourly rate to 20$.

9) Don’t write anything in the portfolio.
10) Remove Previously Entered Skills and add these new skills (iPhone App Development, Mobile UI Design).
11) Don’t write anything in tests, certifications, Employment History, education, and other experiences.
12) Resubmit Your Profile and reload the page, after reloading a notification with the approval of the profile will be appeared.

Note: After your profile gets approved, change all settings to your actual skills so you can find jobs related to your skills and interest.

Some optional Settings:
1) Use Business Email for sign up.
2) Choose Multiple work subcategories.
3) Enter the maximum number of skills.
4) Set Your Hourly rate to a minimum of 15$.
5) Linked your social and other accounts to Upwork.
6) Take Upwork Tests related to your skills.

Feel free to contact me if you need any help or have any queries.




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