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How To Get AdSense Account Approved for Blogger and Website

We all know that AdSense ads are the best-paying program. Every new blogger wants to get Google AdSense approved quickly. But the question is how to get approval for the Adsense account because it’s not easy. Google AdSense has very strict policies.

There are some simple tricks that you can use to get approval for Your Blog. Before applying for Adsense, must-read AdSense policies and approval process, it will answer most of your queries and make sure that your blog or website is matching with policies.

Follow these steps to get Your Account Approval:

    • Buy a custom domain. Use top-level domains like not
    • Focus on the Quality of content. It is not necessary that your blog or website contains material on a specific topic. You can write on multiple topics but make sure that the content of that topic is 100% unique.
    • Create a professional Email address like You can create free professional Email by using the facility provided by your domain Service Provider.
    • Your Website must have at least 20 posts.
    • Wait for at least 30 days after setup of your website, so your site can get good traffic.
    • Add pages like About, Contact Us, Privacy Policies, etc.Apply with real-name and correct address.
    • Make Sure that you don’t use copyright images on your blog or website.
    • Use SEO Friendly Template for Your Website.
    • If Rejected, apply again and keep applying until getting approved.
There are chances of not approval for the first time, Remove the errors mentioned in the email received from Google Adsense,  It will hardly take 2 hours to fix the reason for rejection and re-apply.

Feel Free To Contact me if You need any Help regarding Google Adsense and if you have any queries.

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